About Susan

susan manni

About Susan Manni

Hi! A bit about me. After emigrating from the Netherlands in 2013 I decided to follow my dream and do what I enjoy most: empowering men and women to instill change and take control over their own (emotional) life. Through online coaching I guide men and women through difficult life events, with a strong focus on grief and loss counseling.

Loss is inevitable in one’s life and every change leads to loss, for instance, loss of the familiar, loss of what once was. You can also lose of a loved one, or long for a sense of familiarity after you lose it. Naturally, a relationship can also be lost. In the end, recovering from a loss calls for the re-definition of the relationship that was and will be.

This is where I can help. It is my conviction that every man or woman, should be allowed to be who they are. I therefore never judge my clients’ choices or beliefs. This ethos forms the backbone of my service and as a result I always enter every session with an open mind and unbiased attitude. You can read more about my coaching and counseling via my own website. In Dutch though.

Through my studies I am qualified as a psycho-social worker, coach and counselor. Before leaving the Netherlands I was employed at various social service providers. I then started my own practice. See my LinkedIn profile for my CV. Currently I am taking an in-depth online ‘grief and loss’ training in the USA and aiming to get my Masters in Psychology via the Open University in The Netherlands.

On the road I will be continuing my coaching and counseling. Mostly online, but offline is always an option when we meet along the way. You can follow us by subscribing to our mailing.