About Bulli (the Micro Bus)

Bulli is a often used term for the VW Micro Bus, Hippie-bus or just Van. Ours is a T3 or also known as T25 model. These are the somewhat square ones and not the romantic T1 or T2’s. Yet the T3 provides more versatility and is more reliable (in general. It’s all about the up keep and some luck).

We have an ‘early’ one of these series and the last year it was offered with air cooled engine. This gives it the distinct sound. As well: no leaking water radiator possible etc. Just a (air) fan blowing from the belt that also drives the alternator. So if the one warning light the bus has turns on / red it’s time to stop and crawl under the bus… Of course oil is needed for the engine itself.

Ours was produces in (West) Germany and then delivered in the US. Approx. 5 years ago it was brought back to ‘the old world’ and repainted. Specialist tell me what is wrong! you will know.

The more miles we will add the more stories we will be able to tell of our ‘Bulli’. More to come. Let’s hope they are good ones!

Our version is a ‘Vanagon GL’ what was the luxury person edition. So we have 7 captain chairs and not 3 rows of 3 benches as well we opted not to go for a camper but to ‘just’ use it as a car.