About BouwManni

Hi all,

For those who don’t know us we are Ewout, Susan, Anna & Livia. We decided to take a sabbatical and enjoy life and each other more focused for the coming months.

We are married for nearly 10 years and (as far as I know) happily too. Anna is at moment of writing 4 years. Livia will be 6 months and is the sweetest and easiest going girl ever.

bouwmannisWe love to travel, discover new places, meet new people and learn from other cultures. Amongst other drivers one prime one is for us to discover our destination during the travel.

I myself have had a privileged upbringing with my father working for Shell in many countries. I’m a fairly easy going guy who keeps calm under stress / unexpected circumstances. I was born in Abu Dhabi and lived in many countries since then. This somehow made me more into a ‘world citizen’ then particularly bound to one place. Although I am a typical Dutch/German caucasian person on the outside these great countries and people can work on my nerves with their often over designed systems and somewhat rigid perspective. Note: very generalistic speaking and not here to offend anyone!

Susan, my wife, loves to learn and experience other cultures and must have a heart as big as an elephant in the way should wants to solve all world problems somehow (as well of course stick around with me).

Anna is our oldest daughter who loves to dance, complain, tie stuff together with any piece of string she finds. Looking forward to learn more from life from her show her a thing or two supporting her development at this young age.

Livia is our youngest bundle of joy. She just goes along with whatever we do and sleep, poops, drinks as a baby should do.

So we decided to travel the first few months with a classic VW bus. We love classic cars. We had a bunch of them throughout the years and always used them as our daily drivers. Modern cars are just fine and all but nearly all of them miss emotion. The VW Vanagon GL from 1982 we bought is the last year of the air cooled engine versions. This gives it the typical sound like with the VW bug etc. According to spec it delivers a whopping 69 hp 36 years ago so it isn’t quick as well these type of engines have a tendency to burst into flames for no reason when pushed hard so it fits well to a easy pace we where planning to take anyways ūüôā


Enjoy following us during our adventures!